How Getting a Job Is Like Dating

Job seekers can be missing out on some of the biggest employment opportunities of their lives if they don’t understand the principles of D.A.T.I.N.G.

Just like dating has its different stages and rituals, so does the process of finding the right job.
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How To Get a Job: Opportunities Pt 2

Recently I helped a college graduate who was really stressed about how to find a job when the economy seems so tough.

She was coming from a state of high anxiety. Never mind how to find the right jobs for her, she was in a mental place of “i need a job, I need a job NOW”.

The problem is that people rarely make the best decisions for their lives when they are in a place of high stress.

Sometimes what’s needed is to take a deep breath, step back from the urgency for a minute, and regain a more resourceful overall perspective on the situation.

So here’s the thing.
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Success Thought For The Day

Opportunities don't happen.

You create them

Chris Grosser

How To Make The Odds Better When You Apply For Jobs

Let’s say that you’ve been reading my books, and the strategies and tactics have got you a call-back for an interview. Congratulations.

Now how do you approach the next stage without getting all nervous about your chances, and blowing the whole deal?

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Success Thought For The Day

I don't want to get to the end of

my life and find that I lived just

the length of it. I want to have

lived the width of it as well.

Diane Ackerman

How To Get The Good Jobs

When advertising a job, the employer will usually have skills, qualifications or proof of performance that they want to see in the successful candidate.

This might include, for example, a relevant college degree, or certificates of other forms of training that are related to the job.

It also might include skills or achievements related to KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

These are things that you can quantify or measure – such as the ability to do a certain amount of work or achieve certain results in a certain amount of time.

These are called the “hard” skills – the measurable, quantifiable proof of core training, competency and effectiveness.

But then there are “soft” skills, and these are often essential too.

Here’s why.
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Career Success: What’s Got You Stuck?

Let me ask you a question… have you ever been looking for a job and found yourself missing out at a certain point of the process…almost every time?

If you’re not getting predictable (as in, predictably good) results in your search for good jobs, if you’re hitting the wall at a particular stage, no matter how many applications you send out…

…then congratulations. You have found one of your sticking points.

Why congratulations? Because you can’t improve what you don’t acknowledge. In this column we’re going to help you discover what sticking points are; some of the most common ones; and why understanding how to deal with them is essential to your career success.
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Success Thought For The Day

If you do what you always did,

you will get what you always got. So if

what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s

time to use a different approach.


Achieving Career Success: Work Harder On Yourself Than You Do On Your Job

I’ve had people ask me why this is so important. Here’s why:

The company you work for might close, a hurricane might blow away your house, or burglars take away everything you have.

But if what is between your ears is intact (ie. your mind, attitude and skills), you can use that to build your life to enjoy more career success than ever.

Let’s explore this further.
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Your Career Path: How To Avoid a Job Crisis

People I’ve helped in the past often needed a job fast – as in, find a job right NOW.

They were broke NOW, their credit cards were overdrawn and they had no money NOW, the bank was about to take away their car or their house NOW.


So I understand urgency. My whole book Get That Job Now was based around the best ways I know for you to get a job fast.

In this regard, it’s like the emergency ward at a hospital. The patient comes in with a potentially life-threatening injury, you gotta address the most urgent part first.

Then when the initial crisis is dealt with, you can begin to work on helping the patient get back to health.

It’s the same with your work and your career success.
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Success Thought For The Day

Successful people do what

unsuccessful people are not willing

to do. Don't wish it were easier,

wish you were better.

Jim Rohn

Tips For Job Hunting: Follow Instructions

Many people just don’t pay attention to the details when applying for jobs, and it will cost them every time. This, however, is excellent news for you. Here’s why:
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Case Study: Zack

Not so long ago I met someone we’ll call Zack. His situation was not uncommon for people working in white-collar professional employment.

He had lost his previous job, and was now trying to find another one, and discovering it wasn’t that easy.

For anyone who has struggled to get back into the workforce after some time out, this story is for you.
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Why Job Hunting Is Like The Story Of The Two Frogs In The Pond

Today’s article is job hunting advice dressed up in a fairy tale. So get comfy and let the story begin…

Once upon a time two frogs fell into a large pond.

The pond had cobblestone walls, and the water was deeper than the frogs were tall – this meant they were both stuck, and would surely drown unless they found a way to get out.

The first frog started thrashing around, swimming this way and that – not in any particular direction, but just thinking “I have to DO something”.

He swam and he swam, but eventually became exhausted, gave up and just floated in the water, too tired and too despairing to try any more.

So he floated and he floated until he stopped floating and then he drowned.

The second frog noticed that the pond had lily pads across the surface of the water.

He knew that he had a better chance of surviving if he could just get onto a lily pad and have a think from there.

So what did he do?
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Career Quiz: Is It Good Or Bad When People “Wish You The Best”?

Don’t you hate it when someone “wishes you the best with your future endeavors?”

Yeah, it sucks. Because that means you have just received a rejection letter that starts with the bit that says “unfortunately on this occasion you have been unsuccessful in your job application”.

So what does this mean for you?
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Success Thought For The Day

If you genuinely want something,

don’t wait for it - teach yourself

to be impatient..

Gurbaksh Chahal

Job Hunting: How To Find Jobs Pt 3

It’s very easy when things aren’t going well to fall into an unresourceful state where you begin to dwell on what is going wrong in your life.

I call it the “what I have not got” spiral.

Particularly with job hunting, which is a daily reminder of the job you don’t have, the money you don’t have, the bills you can’t afford to pay and so on.

These are all things that can nibble away at your self-esteem and motivation, to the point where it can be hard to get up in the morning.

If this happens to you, the problem is you’re not likely to get a job now, next week, or anytime soon. This is where people can fall into the trap of despair that can grip them even for years.

if you focus on what you have not got, your reasons for moving forward will always seem to get smaller and smaller.

You can not afford the luxury of a negative thought when it comes to how to find jobs. You need to be focused, organized, and feeling positive.

Here’s what you can you do to turn this around, or avoid it ever happening to you in the first place…
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When Finding Good Jobs Is Like Poker

In poker there is a saying:“if you’re in a game of poker and you don’t know who the patsy is, then YOU’RE the patsy.”

What’s a patsy?

The fall-guy, the sucker, the one who loses every time while the other players get their outcome and you miss out.

I had a reader, who was looking to snag a job, contact me about a cattle-call she had been at (when job-seekers literally line up with their resumes in hand, and hoping for the best).

There were 400 people present, waiting patiently for an interview for one of 20 vacancies.

So to summarize: on offer were retail jobs, with a one-in-20 chance to get the job. Those odds are terrible.

Has this ever happened to you or someone you know? Well here’s what it means for you.
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Success Thought For The Day

You have to learn the rules of

the game. And then you have to

play better than anyone else

Albert Einstein

Changing Careers: Should You?

I read a national survey once that said that 67% of people are unhappy in the job they’re in.

They’re on the wrong career path, and instead of thinking about changing careers, they’re slogging away in a job they hate.

Now think about this for a moment…

The average person spends eight hours a day at work.

And eight hours a day asleep.

That means that two-thirds of the working-age population spend most of their lives either unhappy or unconscious!

Is this any way to live? Is this what you planned for your life when you were just starting out?

So what’s at stake here for you?
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