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Very Helpful and Useful July 4, 2014
By Luvs2Read!
Format:Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

I have read several guides to job hunting and I must say this one proved to be the best one.

The tips and advice are easier than most people think and strategy is the name of the game. The job market is terrible in many places and I personally have seen 400 people line up for 20 job openings.

This book covers everything needed to be successful and land that job. I was surprised at how many things I did not really think of doing. It is clear that Vicki Theobold knows exactly what she is talking about and her desire to help people is refreshing. I definitely recommend this book to everyone, whether you are unemployed or wanting a better position in life.

I enjoyed this book tremendously, and it
   was exactly the book I was hoping to find
Your job search needs this book July 7, 2014
By Monica LaSarre
Format:Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

I enjoyed this book tremendously and it was exactly the book I was hoping to find to gift to a friend who never seems to be the one to “get the job.”

This book broke out concepts into simple explanations I could easily grasp and that were simple, but profound, truths.

The background information provided by the author educates on the philosophy and benefit of how to put yourself where the jobs are and where to start in searching for a job.

Also, it gives inside info on what employers, recruiters and job agencies know that perhaps you don’t.

I feel good about sharing this book with friends looking for work as I know it will leave them feeling encouraged, motivated and excited to get back out there and try again in their job search.

Very Good July 2, 2014
By Alexis C.
Format:Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

This is a book that has opened my eyes to the reality of hiring and getting the job that I really desire. Her advice totally makes sense, but I would have never thought of it on my own.

As someone just entering the job market, this book has been indispensable in achieving my goals. Excellent, well researched information. Well worth the read.

If you need a job then you need
   this book, it really is that simple
If You Need A Job You Need This Book July 7, 2014
By PatM99
Format:Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

If you need a job then you need this book. it really is that simple. The author breaks down all the steps needed to get the edge over your fellow job seekers and even provides support for your mental state as you conduct your job search.

The author includes things like how to actually get in front of the person that does the hiring instead of those that are tasked with blocking you from them.

She provides a very clear road map for getting a job that I believe could land anyone a job as long as they persevere in their effort like the author instructs you too.

The book was worth it just for the sample resumes and cover letters, something that I have always had trouble with.

Excellent! This book got me a job straight away. June 13, 2014
By Mark Doktor.
Format:Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

This book was a great practical guide for how to get a job! I enjoyed how succinct, direct and straight to the point it was, unlike some other books I have read on similar topics.

This book helped me get a job within a week of reading it! I easily identified where I was going wrong and was easily able to rectify all thanks to this amazing book. I thought that the insider view from a person who has experience on the other side of hiring, interviewing and recruiting employees was invaluable insight into the process of finding the right job.

As a graduate, I found the advice about 'getting to the top of the pile' particularly valuable given there is so much competition for the types jobs I was applying for.

Thank you for the most valuable advice I have ever gotten!